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You'll have the same user experience, with access to all of Zoosk's features and the ability to connect to any Zoosk member, regardless of which platform you choose.While Zoosk has an impressive number of features and a cool interface, a few of our reviewers made comments about the lack of selection on the site.Zoosk is similar to Match.com, but with a friendlier atmosphere reminiscent of popular social networking websites like Facebook and gaming interfaces like Zynga.You can get started directly through Zoosk's standalone website, or by using Zoosk's application for Facebook or Bebo.Next, you select your relationship status and whether you are looking for women or men, and then you can start searching profiles.Of course, to assist Zoosk in finding you a better match and so people can get to know you, it's better to add to your profile." If both members have answered questions, Zoosk will present your answers side by side when you view other profiles, as well as give you a compatibility star rating based on three stars. You can, of course, use the search function to look for people in your area.

If you both answer yes, Zoosk sends an email to both members to alert them of the match. Your yes and no answers also help Zoosk pick future matches for you, much like Pandora's rating system for music.

It covers everything from updates to musical preferences to added photos.

It's an easier way to see specific parts of user profiles without sifting through hundreds of profiles with the search function.

All of the above features are free for all members.

The one thing that Zoosk does charge for is communication.

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