Dating going through the motion

She has swim lessons does a after school activity- she is at school -.

Most weekends a trip to park libary or il get craft stuff out - but like u i think it's only a hour but how many hours does it have to be ?!

So on friday i want a fresh start and some fresh activity ideas Thanks for reading xxx Personally I loose enthusiasm for Lego etc after 20 min .

U say uv have only spent a hour playing with her - that's prob what I do with dd5 .

Shes very strong willed and f8nds it hard to understand that adults dont always want to play constantly so maybe getting her to join in with some housework would be good x My dd 5 is the same she is a September baby so I feel ur pain - when she started school it improved a lot - my Dd likes to wash pots and clean skirting boards - give her the Hoover and she is in her element !

Tell her she needs to draw a menu up and ul play cafes .

For whatever reason–traumas, upsets, frustrations–they’ve shut down and are walking zombies, the living dead.

So when I'm at home, I'm just as depressed and have no notion of playing.As a naturally happy person, I was amazed at how many unhappy people there are.Generally when I work with my coaching clients, they are not unhappy about everything in their life; they usually just have one area they are working on or one challenge to overcome. And why are so many people just going through the motions, appearing to be happy, pretending to be happy, when they’re really not?The first step in determining if you’re happy or how happy you are is to define happiness.To some, it means doing what they want, having what they want, and being who they want, that is, fulfilling their dreams and desires.

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