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You can read more about their services and guidelines.You are entitled to free service by the Orange County Sheriff if the order is based on a credible threat of violence or stalking.The 7 forms that you will need to complete in the Civil Harassment Restraining Order Form Packet are: If you need help with your restraining order, then visit one of the court’s Self-Help Centers.If you need immediate protection, you can ask the judge for a Temporary Restraining Order which lasts until your hearing date.The judge may also order that you immediately take a conformed copy of the Civil Harassment Restraining Order After Hearing (CH-130) and blank proof of service forms to law enforcement so they know about the Restraining Order.The Civil Division Clerk’s Office staff can help you with this.If the filing fee and service fee were not waived because there is not a credible threat of violence or stalking, but you cannot afford to pay the fees, you can apply for a fee waiver.

A child waiting room called "Children’s Chambers" is available for eligible children.

Service usually includes serving the following forms: before the hearing date.

If the judge signs the Restraining Order, it can last up to 3 years.

After completing the forms, you will file them in the Civil Division Clerk’s Office no later than pm, Monday – Friday.

If the restrained person has used or threatened to use violence against you or has stalked you, you may not have to pay a filing fee.

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