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For more details, please read "A brief history of TRANSCEND" by Dietrich Fischer. Tower – World & Regional Harmony Transition DRC-Democratic Republic of Congo: Rais Neza Boneza – Peace by African’s Peaceful Means PEP 2: People Empowerment Process/Peace Empowerment Process (leadership initiatives) El Salvador: Adrian Bergmann – Chair, MA program in Violence Prevention and Peace Culture Universidad Don Bosco.

is a timely experiment in promoting peace by peaceful means throughout the world. Cátedra de Cultura de Paz, Instituto Centroamericano para la Paz Georgia: Irakli Kakabadze – Caucasus Equity Autonomy Germany: Joachim Engel – Intercultures Ghana: Naakow Grant-Hayford – Permaculture Africa India: S. Udayakumar – End to nuclear power/energy/weapons Italy: Erika Degortes – Peace & Politics Workshops Japan: Kyoko Okumoto – Reconciliation NE Asia Olivier Urbain – Arts, particularly music R of Korea: Jae-Bong Lee – Korean Unification, University Courses Mexico: Fernando Montiel T – Judicial mediation, TPU Spanish, Latin America Nepal: Bishnu Pathak – Nepal process, Federalism Norway: Synöve Faldalen – SABONA=TRANSCEND in Daily Life Hardanger Academy Peace Dev Env Jondal Philippines: Cesar H.

We offer various avenues to learn more about peace. Galtung is unequivocally recognized as the principal mind that fostered the creation of the academic discipline of Peace Studies in 1957.

This being said, there are many ways of joining TRANSCEND International's efforts. Because you know that peace is not everything, but everything around us amounts to naught without it. Because you share with us the need to know in intimate and systematic detail which are the means available to our species to improve our societies and living conditions in such a way that they allow for more equitable and mutually beneficial interaction in the domestic as well as in the international arena. Because you have an inkling or have done your homework and already know for a fact, that the current dominant cultural, political, military, economic and academic paradigmes are ecologically inconsistent, highly inadequate for nonviolent conflict resolution and interculturally incompetent due — among other things — to inbuilt singularisms. Because you have the energy and the desire to use your brain to serve the dissemination of structure literacy, conflict literacy and nonviolent conflict resolution.

, thank you for supporting our efforts with previous donations.

Our faculty members are leading peace scholars and internationally recognized mediators.

On the right you can see some of our current courses and staff members.

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