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And the man suspected of holding the camera shouted off-camera: “Don’t claw/scratch, kick! ” The boy, frightened, stayed on the ground refusing to get up. ”Several seconds later, encouraged by the man, the two children again began fighting again, the girl getting more and more vicious, the boy completely no match for her, crying and screaming “Mommy!The girl then went forward and stomped on him three times in succession, punching the boys back. During this time, the man praised the girl for being “so strong”, while hollering at the boy: “Hit her! Didn’t you say you were very strong, how can you let her hit you? ”, with what appears to be some blood on his mouth.Man seeking woman and woman seeking man to flirt on mobifriends.All for free at mobifriends, with an attractive design and great usability.The older one was a bit more well-behaved, so the adults would always have the older one yield to the younger one, but the result was utter chaos, and the adults couldn’t be bothered anymore. If it were my son, I’d be so angry I’d have to slap him a few times. And you even upload it onto the internet to make a fool of yourself, fucking all 18 generations of your ancestors are perverse!!!! Instructing one’s own daughter to go hit his nephew, what would your older or younger sister being the child’s mother think?So, the adults decided they’d just pretend to not see, all the way until one of them was thoroughly beaten by the other, and then the world was peaceful for a very long time. What a perverse man, this father-daughter pair should be human flesh searched out and fed to the dogs!Great efficiency and performance, very low fuel consumption, in addition to a very sturdy structure, are the design features Coparm’s baling presses.A comprehensive range of industrial presses, entirely designed and manufactured in our plants, for multiple applications: Waste compactors Presses for plastic Presses for paper Presses for containers for liquids Presses for PET bottles Presses for solid urban waste Presses for special materials Designed for a very intensive use , these presses are made with very high quality components which allow a drastic reduction of maintenance interventions.

3 days ago, netizen “最爱看视频” [“Love Watching Videos The Most”] posted this video onto the Youku website, titling it “The Greatest Children’s Fight in History”.

In the video, two children, one boy one girl, are fighting on the side of the road, with the front gate of the “Renqiu City Huatai Medical Equipment Ltd.” company in the background (located in Cangzhou of Hebei province). The girl gave chase, and with a slap hit him to the ground.

The two children pulled each others hair, scratched at each others faces, pulled at the corners of each others mouths, punching and kicking, with no signs of backing down. The man shouted: “[You’ll fail until you learn/wise up], get up, hit her, attack, attack!

On the presses it is easy to maintain, but Coparm provides after-sales service and advice on all compacting systems sold.

Jim Campbell, vice president of import brands, said Coedo is an exciting addition to the Andrews portfolio.

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