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This study will survey about 600 coaches to determine what competencies they believe are efficacious in facilitating their clients to perform better on their jobs. ITECRI is a non-profit research institute (academic) whose vision is advancing research and practice of Information Technology Management in both the private and public sectors. I am taking a course at the University of Western Ontario and need to conduct an online survey as part of research.

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Human Research Review approval has been obtained through the Wheaton College Department of Psychology. The objective of this research project is the occurence of disordered eating in the military.I also will be determining the job satisfaction levels found in the certified athletic trainers working in this setting. I am currently researching into Customer Relationship Managment in Further Education in the UK.Through an MBA Dissertation I am investigating 'To what extent the concept of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)an appropriate tool in the management of retention in Further Educaton? I am working on a project to determine the future purchasing habits of known "crafters." That is to say, how people who are crafting enthusiasts plan to behave with regard to future purchasing habits. We are taking surveys and distributing to our classmates to determine if 9/11 and the measures the U. government have taken alleviate the fears of Americans currently within our survey pool more...I am a professor at Clarion University doing a joint research project with a student at Liberty University surveying the worship styles at several churches.This is a one time survey that will be distributed in late August or early September. want a questionaire consisiting of around 20 questions on what motivates corporates(suppose i interview an HR manager ,then i have to find out as to what motivates him personally on his job and not the strategies he uses to motivate people working under him) more...

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