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They just weren’t taking this whole “election integrity” thing as seriously as they should have, at least not in the summer of 2016. That’s when it came to light an affidavit signed by two voters who had signed a petition in support of the effort to get Andy Smith on the ballot as a candidate for first district county commissioner swore that their signatures on Smith’s petition were witnessed by someone other than the person who swore to witnessing their signature.

I’ve got to think Chrisman, who by the way seems like a great guy with a good disposition and engaging sense of humor, enjoys the spot he’s in.The lone carryover from the previous regime is Diane Pepper, Democrat.As for the newcomers, Davis, of Kansas City, has been a small business owner since 1977.The writing had been on the wall a while for this one.It had become widely apparent in the summer of 2016 changes were needed.

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