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"As Socrates said," he quotes, " 'You make your own prison.' " Watching Mr.

I just said some stupid stuff." He's since gotten more guarded, and somewhat less impressed with journalists. Am I supposed to recount all the points in my life leading up to this moment and just hope that it's coherent, that it makes some sort of sense to you?CHARLOTTESVILLE -- Steven Soderbergh is waiting for his possessions to appear. The sweet, empty house that Soderbergh's rented is being fixed up. People have been nice and friendly, but he's also been asked for Jessica Lange's autograph and he doesn't know Jessica Lange -- or any of the other movie people in the area such as Sam Shepard or Sissy Spacek. This drowsy, tree-shaded town must feel like a monastic retreat in Mayberry RFD compared with Studio City in the San Fernando Valley, his last place of residence. There's no girlfriend around and he's got only one pal in town. "I've tried very hard, with all the new people that I've met in the last six months, to keep everything in a business context," he says, "so that my social life and the people I'm close to does not change." Thoughts of fame find him shuddering. In the short time he's been here -- since July 14 -- he's become a minor celebrity. Aside from the worn-out 1960 Rambler parked out front -- the one that he drove here from Los Angeles -- he hasn't got much, except maybe all the stuff that's floating inside his head and some T-shirts.A couple of guys lounging on his stairwell turn out to be painting the molding. He wants to know if the newspaper can avoid mentioning the town's name at all, but it's already been printed in papers and magazines around the world. He's heard all about Soderbergh and is happy to meet him.

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