Taurus and cancer dating site

Both are fairly domestic and see the dreams of a home, family and memories as a very real and happy way to live their lives.They want to be together, they are good at it, sharing and making meals together, doing things together, it is an important aspect of their relationship.Another area Taurus and Cancer are in tune together is the financial stability.Cancer thinks twice about getting into their checkbook while saving for the future is the key to the lifestyle for Taurus as well.They appreciate and enjoy well established homes, love money and family.

Also the business ventures can be one of the greatest successes as they play their part well and hold up with the money and status they earn, very dearly.

Cancer, in time, become compatible and mold to Taurus’ way of thinking and way of life.

With Taurus’ creativity and grounded roots and Cancers sensitivity for color, the two can paint some wonderful life scenarios that would make anyone wish they were in their shoes.

Taurus begins and builds and organizes the foundation, while Cancer grabs hold and runs it efficiently and profoundly.

Outside of this, Taurus, from time to time shows their stubborn streak, but Cancer’s patience are well fitted until Taurus pulls through and mellows again.

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